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This is just a little place for social work students, of any age, to come together and talk about social work and becoming a social worker. Whether it's about the application process for their MSW (Masters of Social Work) or picking a high school concentration in preparation for their BASW (Bachelors of Arts in Social Work), Or even a doctoral student needing ideas for his or her final thesis, everyone is welcome here.

Here are some helpful suggestions for a happy community :

- FIRST AND FORMOST: The suggestions of Professors, guidance counselors and other school faculty come first. We are students as well, and unless we are actually part of the specific program and have detailed knowledge of the situation, one must take the opinion of a faculty member over one of us.

- Please be somewhat knowledgeable about a topic before you go asking questions. It's easier to have a foundation (albeit small) on a topic than to go into it blindly.

-Look through the community memories and past posts before asking questions, chances are it has been asked before.

-Same goes for any advice one gives in a community. Make sure you know what you are saying because we don’t know each other intimately and may actually take one’s advice to heart.

- If you have to do work for class and want to use the opinions of the community please, realize we are not here to do your homework for you, but we can do our best to help where and when we can. And please don’t abuse a good thing.

- The standard: please no quizzes, memes, spam, flaming, trolling, gianting or any other mythical creaturing… yaada yaada… you know the deal. I don’t want to ban people but never the less, this is still live journal and things do happen.

- And please be nice to each other in here. We are all individuals and we do not experience hardship in the same way.

I will do my best to add relevant posts to memories. After all, I too, am a student!

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